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Insurance companies undertake a detailed underwriting process. To obtain the most favorable rates, below are some factors that they consider:

  • Age of the buildings
  • Size of the buildings/number of units
  • Location
  • Type of construction
  • Loss claim history

Buildings with masonry-type construction and with sprinkler systems generally benefit with the most favorable rates. The loss claim history of your association is also a critical factor in rate determination. Insurance carriers generally have a three to five year “look back” in order to determine your rate. Associations with few claims will benefit with the most favorable rates. Associations with a history of water damage type claims bay be decline by many carriers. We can evaluate what programs your association may be eligible for by a review of your insurance claim history, which can be obtained from your current insurance carrier. It is a simple computer printout of any claim activity experienced over the past 5 years.

Click here to request a copy of your insurance claim history from your current insurance company.

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